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Louisville Slugger K100 Ash Wood Fungo Baseball Bat


If you want to be the the best, you must train like the best! The Louisville Slugger Ash Fungo bats are designed with Premium Ash Wood to withstand long, and grueling practices. The training models assist players and coaches with perfecting technique and performance! Due to its unusual shape, fungo bats are very easy to control. However, these unique bats are not to be hit in batting cages or for game play. Fungos are specifically designed for coaches to easily hit ground balls and fly balls for infield or outfield practice. Coaches know that hitting ground balls and fly balls to their team can be tiring. The unique shape of fungo bats makes them light weight and extremely easy to swing without wearing your arms out. Fungos have become a favorite among coaches because they are light weight, durable, and most importantly, easy to swing! Let the games begin! Choose Louisville Slugger.

  • Length: 36 Inches (Great For Hitting To Both Infielders & Outfielders)
  • Weight: Louisville Slugger Does Not List A Weight, But This Is Definitely One Of The Heaviest Fungo Bats On The Market
  • K100 Turn Model – This Is The Biggest Barreled And Heaviest Fungo Bat Out On The Market. Be Ready For A Little Bit Of A Workout When Swinging This One.
  • Cut From Premium Ash Wood
  • Uncupped Barrel End
  • Slightly Flared Knob Shape
  • Colorway: Natural
  • Fungos Are Designed To Create A Light-Feeling Bat For Coaches Hitting A High Number of Fly Balls Or Ground Balls To Their Players
  • Taping The Barrel Can Extend The Life Of The Bat