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Marucci Padded Baseball Sliding Short


Sliding shorts are made for two major reasons: comfort and protection. Allowing every player to perform at the highest level, the Marucci Padded Sliding Shorts are made from a perfect combination of polyester, spandex and sponge padding that provides the most extreme level of protection possible. With an elastic waistband, integrated cup pocket and a moisture management material that will keep you cool and dry at all times during both practice and games, Marucci’s Padded Slider Shorts are exactly what you need to expand your game further than anyone else on the field.
– Marucci Padded Sliding Shorts
– 82% Polyester / 11% Spandex / 7% Sponge Padding
– Spandex Fabric: added for ease of movement.
– Anti-Microbial
– Moisture Management
– Quilted Sponge Side Panels
– Elastic Stretch Waistband
– Integrated Cup Pocket